15-Minute Mini Band Booty Workout #25DaysofMFit

Happy Day 23 of the #25DaysofMFit! Today I am hitting you with a 15-minute mini band booty workout.

This routine is all about the butt checks. You all have loved my past mini band workouts, so I hope you enjoy this one just as much. I filled this video with all of my favorite exercises, and I think you guys will really like it… or really hate it (but it’s all the same in a workout, right?)

You only need one medium to heavy resistance band for this workout! If you do not have resistance bands, you can get some from the MFit Amazon store. 

If you have enjoyed my #25DaysofMFit challenge, please take a moment to check out my home workout plans. I have several 2-week, 4-week and 8-week home workouts plans that would be the perfect next fitness challenge for you. Take this short quiz to see which plans is right for you!

Try the 15-minute mini band booty workout:

Complete 2 sets of the following superset:
1. Side Walk (3 sets, 8 laps)
2. Back Reaches (40 reps)

Complete 1 set of each exercise:
1. Backward Squat Walk into Bunny Hops (8 reps)
2. Arabesque Kickbacks (30 reps)
3. Side Kick (20 reps each)
4. Clam Shell (20 reps each)
5. Side Leg Lift (20 reps each)

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