Three Exercises To Test Your Fitness

Just as I would recommend everyone take a “before” photograph at the start of his or her fitness journey, I make all my clients do a “before” workout. In this workout I make them doing a number of exercises that will help me gauge their current fitness level. After training together for a month or… Continue reading Three Exercises To Test Your Fitness

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16-Minute Apartment Friendly Workout (Low Impact)

Are you short on time and space? I got you covered! This 16 minute workout is perfect for a small apartment or hotel room. An added bonus... it does not require any equipment or jumping! So you can literally do it anywhere at any time! I have been doing this 16 minute cardio routine on… Continue reading 16-Minute Apartment Friendly Workout (Low Impact)

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3 Keys For Weight Loss: Step-by-step Guide

I am sure you have seen articles with this title about 100 times in your life. You’ve heard it all before, to lose weight you need to eat right, lift weights, and do cardio. How vague, right? Today I am going to tell you exactly what you need to do to have a successful weight… Continue reading 3 Keys For Weight Loss: Step-by-step Guide

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How To Get An Hourglass Figure At Home

If an hour glass figure is something you desire... you have to do this workout! Most people associate an hour glass figure with a tight tummy, but there is so much more to it than that! If you want a true hourglass figure you need to have defined shoulders, a broad back and a big… Continue reading How To Get An Hourglass Figure At Home


Eat For Energy: Top 5 Energizing Foods

In a world of caffeine, many people don’t know how they ever lived without coffee, energy drinks, espresso shots and pre workout. It often seems like the only solution for drowsiness is caffeine… but that’s not true! Certain foods can actually provide you with tons of energy. Food choices that are naturally high in iron,… Continue reading Eat For Energy: Top 5 Energizing Foods

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Total Body Yoga Block Workout

You've probably seen these at your gym and yoga studio and never really knew what they were supposed to do. Yoga blocks are a fantastic tool that you can use in your yoga classes, but they can be used for much more than yoga. Yes, they are a wonderful tool to aid in stretching. But… Continue reading Total Body Yoga Block Workout

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Amazing 8 Week Transformation!

Did you know I am now selling 8-Week Training Guides? These training guides come with dozens of full length workout videos, an exercise library with video and audio explanation of over 80 exercises, nutrition advice, a complete 8 week training program, healthy living checklists, and MORE! You can find out how to purchase these (super… Continue reading Amazing 8 Week Transformation!

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25-Minute At Home Cardio Workout (Low Impact)

Happy 4th of July! Today I wanted to give you the perfect pre-party workout. This cardio workout is only 25 minutes long and will leave you feeling sweaty! Plus, it's low impact and doesn't require any equipment, so you can literally do it anywhere! This workout will blend three different types of cardio together in… Continue reading 25-Minute At Home Cardio Workout (Low Impact)

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5 Stretches You Can Do In The Shower

You just finished your workout and now you only have 30 minutes to shower and get ready for the day… I guess you have to skip your stretch, right? NO! You should never skip your stretch after a workout. But, lucky for you, I have found a way to make stretching more accessible when you… Continue reading 5 Stretches You Can Do In The Shower

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At-Home Bikini Booty Workout

Welcome to Week 8, the final week, of Bikini Bootcamp 2017! Over the next 8 weeks I am going to be posting some of the toughest MFit workouts ever. These videos will all include strength training, fat burning cardio, and stretching.  I will be giving away some of my best tips and exercises to burn… Continue reading At-Home Bikini Booty Workout