Hotel Friendly Total Body Mini Band Workout

I can’t believe we are already 11 days into the #25DaysofMFit challenge! You have completed 10 killer workouts and there are plenty more to come. Today I am going to lead you through a hotel friendly total body workout.

This is a MINI BAND workout! Mini Band workouts are some of my favorites, and I know you all enjoy them as well.  Mini Bands are the one piece of equipment that I always have with me.  They are always in my pocket when I am working with clients, they live in my gym bag, and I even travel with them!

Today’s workout is perfect for those busy travel days. I have personally done all of these exercises at a hotel room, at the airport and in my apartment. You can do them anywhere. Plus this workout is only 18 minutes, and it will work all of your muscles. All you need are two mini bands… let’s do this!

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Follow along with the hotel friendly total body workout!

Complete one set of each exercise:

1. Side Steps into Back Reaches (3 sets, 4 reaches, 10 reps)
2. Back Reaches (50 reps)
3. Double Banded Squat and Press (20 reps)
4. Lat Pull Down (15 reps)
5. Single Arm Bent Over Row (20 reps each)
6. Side Lunge (15 reps each)
7. Double Banded Narrow Lunge Kickback
8. Double Banded Narrow Lunge Deadlift
9. Plank Jacks
10. Crunches
11. Tabletop Crunche
12. Legs Up Crunch

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