18-Minute Yoga Flow & Burn #25DaysofMFit

Day 17 of the #25DaysofMFit is among us and this is a great one! This yoga-inspired routine is different than any workout I’ve posted before. I know you will love this 18-minute yoga flow & burn though!

The first half of this video will take you through a total body sculpting flow. This will work all of your muscles. You will need a set of dumbbells for this section. The second half of the routine will stretch everything out really good! I will take you through a series of hip and back stretches that will leave you feeling amazing. It really is the perfect balance!

As I said, you will need some weights for this workout. I recommend using something light as we will be doing a lot of new exercises today. If you don’t have weights, feel free to use water bottles instead!

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Try the 18-minute yoga flow & burn routine below!

Usually I write out the workout instructions for each of my videos here. However, you have to do this one with me! Try to keep the pace of the flow to challenge your cardio!

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