To the exercise method that reduces both your chronic stress and body fat!


To the exercise method that reduces both your chronic stress and body fat!

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Hop on a 20-minute call with Molly! We will strategize the best way to start reaching your own health, fitness, weight loss, and other personalized goals. 

Master you stress hormone so you can permanently lose body fat. You will learn what cortisol is, how to tell if your body is producing too much and what habits build and workouts to do if you are!

Learn how to tell what kind of workout is best to actually REDUCE your stress, not increase it.

This free WhatsApp group chat was created to help people with high-functioning anxiety learn how to exercise in a way that matches their stress levels. Join for weekly advice, support and resources.

Hi, I'm Molly!

I am an online fitness coach and the founder of MFit Workouts.

In 2013, I launched MFit Workouts with the goal of helping people get fit from their homes. I quickly realized, bodies are complex. And most workout programs don’t account for that.

Every body is unique. People need to be working out in a way that matches their unique needs. Your stress levels, your job, your body type, your past, your present, your likes and dislikes… all impact how you can lose weight. I take all of those things into account to help you create a rock solid program that you can stick to long-term. 

My speciality is using exercise to heal chronic stress in the body so you can balance your hormones, heal your anxiety and burn body fat for good!

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This MFit Workout Collective will forever change the way you live. Get 3 months of support, accountability and at-home workouts to transform your body and mind! 

Your body is unique, your life is unique… your workout routine has to match that. This is for the person that wants a high-level workout experience created just for them complete with accountability, virtual coaching and a tailor-made workout routine.

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and anxiety through fun, energizing and short workouts!

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