15-minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Do you have 15 minutes to spare? Then you can do this workout! In just 15 minutes I will have you sweating and feeling the burn.

It has been years since I posted my last boxing workout, so I had to come back with a bang. This is 15-minutes of non-stop cardio kickboxing. Kickboxing is a great way to get in some low-impact cardio. No jumping. No running. No achey knees. Anyone can do this workout!

Follow along with the video or print out the workout instructions below!

Do 1-minute of each exercise. No rest!

1. Jab-Cross (left)
2. Alternating Hooks (left)
3. Bodyweight Squats
4. Jab-Cross (right)
5. Alternating Hooks (right)
6. Alternating Back Lunges
7. Cross-Jab-Cross-Knee (left)
8. Back Lunge Front Kick (left)
9. Cross-Jab-Cross-Knee (right)
10. Back Lunge Front Kick (right)
11. Knee/Front Kick/Knee/Side Kick (left)
12. Squat Punches
13. Knee/Front Kick/Knee/Side Kick (right)
14. Y-Fly
15. 2 Front Kicks / 2 Back Kicks

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