The Best Cool Down: No More Sore Muscles

If your post-workout routine does not start with a solid cool down… you’re doing it wrong. Do this video after your next workout for no more sore muscles.

Did you stretch after your last workout? If you answered no… Have you stretched at all this week? How about this month?

I work with a variety of people everyday, and I know for a fact that none of my clients would stretch unless I told them to. Actually, sometimes they don’t even stretch when I tell them to.

I’ll admit, I have been guilty of skipping a cool down stretch before too. But this is a habit we all need to break.

deep stretch routine

Post-working stretching is important for so many reasons. A proper cool down allows your body to: gradually reduce in temperature, steady the heart rate, return muscles back to their normal length, and control blood flow. All of those things prevent injuries, health issues and muscle soreness. So, for no more sore muscles… make sure you stretch!

Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to include a cool down in my short MFit YouTube videos. That is why I created this routine! You can do the cool down below after each of your MFit workouts!

I understand it is more convenient when I include both a warm-up and a cool down in my workout videos. But that’s not always possible on YouTube. Check out my home workout plans for full length videos that include thorough warm-ups and cool downs. The videos in my plans always include those things!

Add in a bit of foam rolling after you finish the routine below and your body will love you! I won’t get into all of the amazing benefits of foam rolling today, but you should read this article for more information on how to pair the cool down below with a healing foam rolling program.

Follow the video below:

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