Daily Foam Roll Routine

Foam rolling is such an important step to muscles recovery… but most of us skip it. Hopefully this blog and video inspires you to start foam rolling every day.

I’ve talked a lot about the importance of stretching on this blog before, but foam rolling is just as important if not more important than stretching. Stretching helps create length within the muscles.  If your muscles are tight, they get short; stretching will help get your muscles back to their proper length.  Foam rolling, however, helps get deeper into the tissues to get out any knocks that are in the muscles.  Foam rolling will loosen up those super tight muscles that are too tight to even stretch.

Tight muscles can result in injuries and joint pain, so you need to do everything you can to keep your muscles working properly.

In the video below I go over five major muscles (and areas of the body) that you should be foam rolling every single day: quads, calves, piriformis, upper back, and lats.

Here are three tips you need to remember when foam rolling…

1. Move slowly up and down the muscle
2. If any spot is particularly tender – hold the foam rolling over it and/or slowly roll up an inch and down an inch over the tender area
3. If it hurts… you need it. If foam rolling out your calf muscles causes you a lot of pain, it is because those calves are tight and they need to be foam rolled. It won’t get better unless you do it!

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