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Molly grew up in central Illinois where she competed in both dance and gymnastics from a young age. Once getting into high school, Molly focused her energy on dance after deciding she wanted to pursue a career in professional dance. She’s been trained in jazz, ballet, contemporary and hip hop. At 19, Molly moved to Los Angeles to attempt a career in professional dance. Currently she dances with Mattidance Company, a contemporary-jazz company based out of Los Angeles. In addition to dancing with the company, Molly is also the assistant to the artistic director, Ami Mattison.

In 2013, Molly  got her personal trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Molly is now working as an independent personal trainer. She continues to grow as a trainer by taking workshops, attending classes, and getting further certifications to stay up to date on current fitness and health trends. In addition to her personal training certificate, Molly also holds certifications with BUTI Yoga, Tabata Bootcamp, and BOSU. She likes to give her clients variety in their workouts with high intensity training, cardio, free weights, total body toning and strength workouts, as well as giving nutrition advice.  Molly has worked with all different body types and knows that variation in an exercise plan in addition to a healthy diet is what it takes to achieve a fit body.

On this site, you will find more in depth information on Molly’s work as a personal trainer, dancer and fitness instructor as well as blog posts about healthy living.

If you are interested in hiring Molly as a personal trainer, please go to the contact page to get more information on pricing and scheduling!


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