Top 5 Slider Leg Exercises: How To Lunge Without Knee Pain

I have been loving sharing my “Top 5 Exercises” for different body parts with you recently, and today I wanted to share with you my favorite exercises to do with a particular piece of workout equipment.

Sliders are an affordable, easy-to-use piece of at-home workout equipment, but I use them everywhere: home, hotel, gym, etc. Sliders are also one tool I always pull out to help my clients train their legs, especially if a client has knee pain.

Lunges are the number one exercise that cause people with knee issues pain. However, if you use sliders to do these lunges, they are much safer. Today’s workout will include lots of different lunges. These lunges are low-impact compared to a standard lunge and are inspired by movements that you can do on the pilates reformer.

One of the exercises, for example, is a back lunge slide. A normal back lunge would require you to bend both knees as much as you can. A lunge slide allows the back leg to stay straight so you can focus on engaging the front legs hamstring to perform the exercise. Having the ability to choose how far your leg slides back also prevents you from any missteps that may hurt your knees.

If you don’t have sliders like the ones I am using in the video below, you can purchase some in the MFit Amazon Store. You can also get creative with the equipment you use. If you are working out on carpet, paper plates are the perfect slider swap. If you are working out on hardwood floor or a tiled surface, towels work perfectly.

Try my top 5 slider leg exercises below:

1. Back Lunge Slide
2. Curtsy Lunge Slide
3. Bridge Hamstring Curl
4. Side Lunge Slide
5. Rondejon

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