Household workout equipment

No gym membership, no problem. Here is a list of objects you can use as resistance in place of weights and fancy gym equipment. All of these things you can find at your home!

I once unplugged my printer and did squats holding it just because I had nothing else to use! So there are no excuses!

Water bottles, Books, Food > Weights

Water bottles – Fill them up with water or with sand/rocks to make them a bit heavier

Text books/heavy books – If you don’t feel like reading them, why not lift them?

Food – Cans of food, watermelon, heavier fruit and vegetables

Paper plates > Glidders

If you work out on carpet grab some plates, but if you are on hardwood or tile, grab a couple towels.

Towels > Elastic Bands

The resistance is still there because a towel can only stretch so far!

Pillows > Balance Board

The idea of a balance board or Bosu ball is to provide instability, which forces you to work your core more… try standing on a fluffy pillow and you’ll get a similar effect

Chair > workout bench

Tricep dips and incline pushups don’t need to be done with a fancy bench!

Ottoman, step stool, chair, table > Plyo box

I don’t own a plyo box so I do step-ups on my coffee table (not recommended if your table is glass or unstable)


If nothing else you can get a great workout just by using one wall in your house: pushups, wall sits, bridges … so many options!

Let me know if you would like to see a workout using one or more of these pieces of “equipment” … taking requests for youtube.com/itsmollyrae 

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