Top 5 Shoulder Exercises

If you are trying to make those shoulder gains at home, I am here to help. Today I have created a killer workout for you that includes my top 5 shoulder exercises! All you need for this is a set of dumbbells and 15-minutes.

For the past couple weeks, I have been posting my Top 5 exercises for a particular muscle group. Today we are focusing on the shoulders.

The shoulders are a complicated muscle group. The biggest shoulder muscle is the deltoid. However, there are many surrounding muscles that help the top of the arm move properly.  Today we are going to work all of the muscles involved with the shoulder complex.

I thought long and hard about what combination of exercises to include in this workout. I am confident this video will leave your entire shoulder, chest, and back burning. I’ve posted plenty of shoulder workouts in the past. So, if you are looking for more, take a look around this blog. This one is short and sweet though! I hope you enjoy it!

Try the workout below!

Here are my top 5 shoulder exercises:

1. Arnold Press
2. Front to Side Raise (with 5 second hold)
3. Single Dumbbell Chest Press
4. Airplane Fly to High Row
5. Downdog Push-up

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