Fun, Apartment-Friendly Steady State Cardio

I know cardio is not always the most fun. Walking or jogging on a treadmill is very repetitive. Group cardio classes can be a hassle if you can’t get to the gym on time. So today, I am going to make cardio fun!

I have a 15-minute steady state cardio workout that you can do in your living room! This routine will keep you moving the whole time. I have a bunch of exercises for you to do so you don’t get bored.

Remember this is a steady state cardio workout, so it should not feel as intense as one of my HIIT routines. You will not rest for 15-minutes straight, so it can’t be as intense! But this will absolutely get your heart rate up and make you sweat!

Follow along with the video or print the workout instructions below!

Do each exercise for 1-minute. No rest between exercises.

1. Tap reach
2. Weave & punch
3. Cross behind row
4. Knee pulls
5. Half rainbow side kick (right)
6. Reach up/down
7. Half rainbow side kick (left)
8. Reach up/down punch twice
9. Sumo overhead reach
10. Sumo sweep
11. Tap back knee
12. Overhead march
13. Walk downs
14. Plank taps
15. Plank to alternating lunge

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