Seated Workout For The Office or Limited Mobility

Today we are back and I am breaking another common excuse people use for not working out. Actually I am squashing several excuses.

This workout does not even require you to get out of your seat. So whether you: are stuck at the office, are recovering from a lower body injury, are in a wheel chair, or have limited mobility, this workout is perfect for you!

If you want an extra challenge, try doing this workout while seated on a stability ball. This will challenge your core more and force your stabilizing muscles to stay active the whole 20 minutes.

Follow along with the video or print the workout instructions below:

Complete the following circuit 2x:
1. Marching single arm press
2. Oblique bends
3. Front to side raise
4. Bicep curls

Complete the following circuit 2x:
1. Jack press
2. Cross body punches
3. Hook punches
4. Overhead tricep extension

Complete the following circuit 2x:
1. Curl to press
2. Oblique twists
3. Seated run

Complete the following circuit 1x:
1. Genie cross
2. Genie cross to row
3. Field goal
4. Windshield
5. Elbow chest pulses

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