Seated Workout For The Office or Limited Mobility

Today I am going to squash all of your excuses for not working out. This seated workout for limited mobility can be done anywhere, by anyone in a short amount of time.

This workout does not even require you to get out of your chair. So, no excuses aloud! Whether you: are stuck at the office, are recovering from a lower body injury, are in a wheel chair, or have limited mobility, this workout is perfect for you!

If you want an extra challenge, try doing this workout while seated on a stability ball. This will challenge your core a lot and force your stabilizing muscles to stay active for the entire 20 minute routine.

Follow along with the seated workout for limited mobility!

Complete the following circuit 2x:
1. Marching single arm press
2. Oblique bends
3. Front to side raise
4. Bicep curls

Complete the following circuit 2x:
1. Jack press
2. Cross body punches
3. Hook punches
4. Overhead tricep extension

Complete the following circuit 2x:
1. Curl to press
2. Oblique twists
3. Seated run

Complete the following circuit 1x:
1. Genie cross
2. Genie cross to row
3. Field goal
4. Windshield
5. Elbow chest pulses

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