Top 10 Mini Band Exercises For At-Home Muscle Building

Today I am back with another mini band workout. I know a lot of people who follow me do not workout at the gym. At home exercises is constantly getting more popular. But there aren’t enough quality at home strength workouts out there! I have been trying to change that for the past couple years and today I am going to show you my 10 favorite exercises to do at home with a mini band.

These exercises will help you build strength everywhere you your body, from your butt to your shoulders. Get ready to feel the burn… I was pretty sore the day after I filmed this!

Follow along with the video or print the workout instructions below!

Do each exercises for 30 seconds – 1 minute

1. Lateral walks
2. Back reaches
3. Pulsing deadlift
4. Bicep curl
5. Lat pull down
6. Bent over single arm rotation row
7. Single leg deadlift
8. Narrow lunge kickback
9. Shoulder press with abduction
10. Bridge pulse with abduction

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