Cardio Ladder Workout #25DaysofMFit

I can not believe I am saying this, but it is Day 17 of the #25DaysofMFit! Where has the time gone?

You all have been kicking butt so far with this workout challenge! And we are not done yet! You’ve come this far. I know your muscles are sore. I know as we get closer to the holiday your schedule is probably getting busier. But this is only 15-minutes of your day, and it is 15-minutes that you should not miss!

I want you working out with me until Christmas Eve. I won’t stop posting the workouts, so I hope keep doing them and sharing them!

Today’s workout will be a sweaty one! This is yet another way to do a ladder workout. Today¬†we will be doing a circuit of three different exercises. We will do six rounds of this circuit. Each round we will reduce the amount of time we perform each exercise for. The first round will be 60-seconds per exercise, and we will take 10-seconds off each round (60-50-40-30-20-10).

The exercises in this workout are each physically demanding, but remember you can always modify an exercise if something isn’t working for you. It’s always better to do an exercise with clean form than to sloppily attempt an exercise that is too advanced. You can always reference Day 1 of the #25DaysofMFit if you are unsure of how to modify an exercise!

Here is what we are doing today:

Do the following circuit 6 times in a descending ladder.
The first round is 60-seconds per exercise. The second is 50-seconds per exercise. Then 40, 30, 20, and 10.
Take no rest in between exercises. Take 20-seconds of rest in between rounds.

1. Squat alternating shoulder press
2. Speed skaters
3. Squat jack turns

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