Fat Burning Arm Workout #25DaysofMFit

Happy Day 18 of the #25DaysofMFit!!

Today we are doing another one of those 15-minute circuits. You have done this structure of workout twice already, so hopefully you are getting used to it. This is seriously one of my favorite ways to workout recently, whether I’m working my legs, upper body, core, or just everything!

Today we are working the arms. And your arms will burn after this!

This style of workout allows you to build muscle. This is resistance training, but we are moving at a quicker pace so you can continue to burn fat throughout the workout. This workout challenge is meant to keep us all in shape this holiday season, and even help some of you lose weight! So fat burning is a big trend in these workouts.

I will warn you, I am terrible at counting… again. This workout is another one that frustrated me as I worked out with the video. On screen Molly seemed fine doing 7 extra reps, but the Molly writing this was not fine! With a workout like this one, it’s likely you’ll end up doing those extra reps at some point anyway. But, if you’d rather count for yourself… the workout is written below:

Do the following circuit as many times as you can for 15-minutes straight.

Each time you go through the circuit add two extra reps to each set. Start by doing 10 reps per exercise and then do 12 reps on the next round, then 14, 16, etc… until the 15-minutes are up.

Here is the circuit:

1. Alternating bicep curls
2. Plank jack half burpee
3. Around the world front raise
4. Down dog plank yoga climbers

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