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Bridal Bootcamp Leg Workout

PART 5 of your “bridal bootcamp” is here. It is sadly the last part of this series, but don’t you worry… next week I will be posting a BRAND NEW video. The end of the series doesn’t mean the end of my workouts. Check back next week for a tricep burner!

Part 5 will tone your legs, butt, AND get your heart rate up! This lower body workout includes a few more dynamic movements. If something is to hard for you, make it easier; if something is too easy for you, make it more difficult by adding some weights! As always, watch your form – please be safe!

In a couple of weeks I plan to post a workout every other day each covering the form of certain exercises that are typically done incorrectly. So make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel, so when those come out you can get them! I will cover a lot of the exercises done in Part 5 of my bridal bootcamp.

Enjoy this one. Embrace the burn. Thank you for watching! Let me know what workout you want me to do next!



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