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Killer Tricep Workout

I’ve got a brand new workout video for you guys, and this one will work your triceps! The triceps are a tricky area for a lot of people to tone. We don’t typically use our triceps in daily activities as much as we use our biceps or chest. It is usually easier to to work those muscle groups because we are used to working them throughout the day, but the triceps tend to cause people trouble. So, what should you do to tone that stubborn back of the arm? No worries, I am here to help you out!

This is a challenging workout (I can’t make it easy for you!) – so try your best, and if you can’t do something the first time, rest and try it again later! This video isn’t going anywhere so try it more than once, and pair it with my other videos for a more complete workout.

Good luck, and tell me what you want me to work next!



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