Total Body Bosu Ball Workout

Today’s workout reminded me how much I love working out with a BOSU ball. You can do so much with a BOSU ball. At first it may seem like the exercise options are limited, but honestly a BOSU ball can be incorporated into almost any exercise.

A few years ago, I posted a BOSU ball workout on the MFit YouTube channel. That workout did really well, so I thought I would make a part two. That is what today’s workout is. The exercises in this workout are slightly more challenging, but can be modified to be made easier if necessary.

These exercises will challenge your cardio, total body strength and core! If you do not have a BOSU ball, you can do the exercises modified without it. However, if you use a BOSU ball this workout is going to feel 10x more intense. If you want to make the investment and purchase a BOSU ball for your home gym, I have put one in the MFit Amazon store so you can easily buy it.

Try the workout below.

Do 40 seconds on, followed by 20 seconds off of each exercise:
1. Shuffle
2. Back Lunge (right)
3. Back Lunge (left)
4. Lateral Hop Burpee (right)
5. Lateral Hope Burpee (left)
6. Slow Mountain Climber
7. Squat Jack
8. Push-up
9. Squat to Knee (right)
10. Squat to Knee (left)
11. Side Lunge (right)
12. Side Lunge (left)
13. Half Commando (right)
14. Half Commando (left)
15. Wall Sit

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