Cardio Kickboxing & Conditioning Workout #MFitBikiniBootcamp

Okay, I know I say this a lot (and I know I say I know I say this a lot)… but this has got to be one of my favorite workouts I have ever posted on the MFit YouTube channel. I’ve posted workouts similar to this on the MFit Membership, but never on YouTube.

If you want to slim down, tone up and feel really fit – this is the workout for you.

If you have been doing the Bikini Bootcamp challenge, you’ve been doing this video for weeks. If you haven’t yet joined the challenge, make sure you sign up to get a free 2-month workout calendar!

If this happens to be the first time you are doing this workout or any type of kickboxing, be patient with yourself. Workouts like this require a lot of coordination, and each move will feel more natural with practice. So please, do this video more than once!

We are going to start off with a very dynamic warm-up to stretch out and warm-up the muscles we will be working during the cardio and strength portions of the workout. After the warm-up we will get right into the kickboxing portion. We are doing 10-minutes of non-stop kickboxing today. This will get uncomfortable. It is supposed to, so don’t be scared when you feel winded.

After the cardio is done, we will move on to my favorite part of the video – conditioning. I grew up competing in gymnastics, so the controlled yet dynamic exercises in the conditioning portion remind me of Saturday morning workouts at the gym. This section is filled with a lot of new exercise. So again, don’t get frustrated if they confuse you initially.

Most importantly, have fun and work hard. I encourage you to actually follow along with the video as it will get you to work harder and my demonstrations will add clarity to the exercises. But choose your battles and follow the workout below:

Dynamic Warm-up (in video)

30-seconds on, 15-seconds off (roughly 10-minutes)
A. Jab/Cross (2x each side)
B. Power Cross (1x each side)
C. Cross Knee (1x each side)
D. Jab x3, weave to switch (2x)
E. Knee-Kick, optional jump (2x each side)

Do 2 sets of the following:
A. Elevated Tabletop to Pike (8 reps)
B. Plank Slow Rock (10 reps)
C. Pause Squat Knee (10 reps)
D. Plank to Downdog Tap (10 reps)
E. Push-up (10 reps)
F. Plank Hip Dips (10 reps)




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