15 Reasons to Workout

We all know we should workout, but it can be hard to find motivation sometimes. Everyone wants to look good, but the dream beach body goal will only take you so far. So today I want to give you some reasons to workout that go beyond appearance. Hopefully these reasons will get you to the gym on a day where you don’t feel so inspired.

Because your heart needs you to
Exercising regularly helps reduce your risk of heart disease, lowers your resting heart rate, and will help control your blood pressure (to name a few things). Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, so get moving today!

To reduce stress
The endorphins from working out will help make you happier. The main reason I workout is because exercise helps me work out my stress! Workouts like boxing can also act as a form of “anger management.”

To be happy
As I said before, working out will give you a rush of endorphins (the happy hormone). But whether it’s the endorphins or just the proud feeling you get after finishing a tough workout, trust me, you’ll always leave a workout feeling great!

Because it makes your brain sharper
Exercise helps improve memory! While working out, your brain gets more energy and oxygen. This is especially important as you get later in life as exercise can reduce your chance of getting Alzheimer’s by 50%.

Because it helps you perform better in other aspects of life
Balance, agility, and overall strength will improve with exercise, which means you won’t fall on that slippery floor and you’ll be able to help your neighbors move their couch.

To be more confident
Exercising will help you feel more accomplished and more social. Even if you don’t see instant changes in your body, the effort you put in will make you feel more confident.

15 reasons to workout

To carry all your groceries in one trip
This may seem silly, but I am so proud of myself when I can carry all of my groceries bags in one trip. I also love watching the cashier look at me in amazement when I carry all of my items out of the store. ‘No, I don’t need help bringing this to my car.’

To be more independent
Working out will definitely make you feel less dependent on others. You are now physically capable of doing things (like lifting and carrying objects) and you’ll also feel mentally stronger. You KNOW you can do certain things now, so it’s time to show people know you don’t need their help.

Because it makes your body feel good
Exercising will, without a doubt, make you feel more connected with your body. Basic things like walking, sitting, and stretching will feel so much smoother once you reach a certain level of fitness.

To improve circulation
This is good for many things, including sex!

Because you’ll sleep better
Exercise will help you sleep more soundly. Better sleep helps improve so many aspects of life. Just make sure you don’t exercise too close to bedtime because you may be too energized to fall asleep.

Because you’ll have more energy
This may seem strange as exercise can sometimes drain you of energy. But, actually the oxygen and nutrients flowing through your body from exercising will help give you a boost of energy!

Because you’ll get sick less often
Studies have shown that those who exercise are half as likely to catch a cold than those who are sedentary.

Because you’ll live longer
It’s true, studies have shown that regular physical activity will increase your life expectancy. This is in part due to the fact that exercising helps prevent common diseases.

Because you can
Not everyone has the privilege to move his or her body and workout. This may be because of an illness, age, or disability – but if you are able to move, so take advantage of that!

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