3 Mealtime Hacks That May Help You Lose Weight

If you are struggling to lose weight, let me help. Here are three easy mealtime hacks that may help you lose weight. None of these hacks even have to with what you eat, so I am sure you can do them!

Use real plates

We all have busy lives. Sometimes it is just easier to grab something quick and eat in the car. I have been guilty of that. I’ve also been guilty of eating my meals straight out of the box, bag or pan. Why dirty a dish if you don’t have to, right? However, eating off a plate, with a fork, while sitting in a real chair makes a big difference when it comes to weight loss.

This applies to snacks too. I know it seems silly to put a few pretzels on a plate when you can just eat them out of the bag. However, there is no way you will eat the appropriate serving size when you have your hand inside a bag of saltiness. Avoid overeating by setting the table for yourself.

Forks > Spoons

I personally love eating with spoons. Spoons make it easy to shovel food into your mouth, which is precisely why you should not eat with them. Forks will slow you down. When you eat slower, you give your stomach a chance to digest before you overeat. Want to slow down even more? Try eating with chopsticks!

Drink water first

Before you eat anything, drink a glass of water. This will help you stay hydrated throughout the day and fill your stomach before mindless eating. If you often eat out of boredom, this is a good hack for you.

These mealtime hacks may help you lose weight, but they will also improve your overall health. Overeating does more harm to your insides than it does to your physical appearance. I hope these tips have helped you today! For more diet and fitness advice, check out my blog!

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