Strength Training For Runners

Spring training has officially begun for many sports. Even if it is your “off-season” as an athlete, chances are you are still training. For the next few weeks, I will be posting workout videos to help athletes get stronger! Today we are going to go over a strength training workout for runners.

Not a runner? No problem, this will still be an incredible workout regardless.

This routine focuses on building strength in the core, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Make sure you listen to my tips on form. How you do each exercise is very important. Demonstrating correct form will keep you safe and ensure you are working the proper muscles.

Before we get into the workout, I want to take a moment to talk about why it is so important that runners cross train with muscle-building workouts like this one.

Running is hard on the body. It puts a lot of pressure on the joints. Today’s exercises will help build muscle around the knees, ankles, and back to keep those joints safe! Cross-training is also good to combat boredom and overtraining.

Today’s workout can be done without equipment. However, I will be using mini bands for a few of the exercise. Adding resistance bands to these movements will help you build even more muscle! If you don’t have mini bands, you can purchase some in the MFit Amazon Store.

Try the strength training for runners workout below.

Do one set of each exercise:

1. Band Walks (20 steps)
2. Band Squat (20 reps)
3. Half Back Lunge (15 reps each)
4. Squat to Back Lunge (10 reps each)
5. Spiderman Plank (10 reps)
6. Wide Lunge Stretch (Hold 20 seconds)
7. Downward Facing Dog (Hold 20 seconds)
8. Straight Curtsy Lunge (15 reps each)
9. Stepping Curtsy (15 reps each)
10. Reverse Tabletop Hip Thrust (20 reps)
11. Single Leg Bridge (20 reps each)
12. Russian Twists (20 reps)
13. Forearm Plank (Hold 1-minute)

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