5 Smart Ways to Cut Sugar From Diet

Most of us know that sugary foods are not the healthiest option. Even as a children, we knew that if we ate all of our Halloween candy in one sitting we would get in trouble and feel sick. Too much sugar is not healthy for the body. Today, let’s discuss some smart ways to cut sugar from the diet.

Recently, sugar cleanses and extreme sugar-free diets have become a big thing in the dieting world. I do NOT recommend going to extremes to cut sugar from your day. Instead, start with my tips below and gradually eliminate added sugars from your diet.

Tip 1: Opt for natural sweeteners

If you are trying to sweeten your breakfast, don’t put in a big spoonful of sugar in there. Instead, try enhancing your meal by using natural sweeteners like fruit and cinnamon. These things can make your oatmeal or yogurt taste sweeter, but they are much better for your health.

Tip 2: Read food labels

If you are buying a packaged food item, read the entire food label! Don’t just look at calories, look at everything. Make note of how high on the list of ingredients those added sugars are. If some form of sugar is one of the first few ingredients listed, stay away! That means there is a lot in there.

Comparing labels will also help you make better choices. Peanut butter is a prime example of this. Some peanut butter brands have one ingredient: peanuts. Others have three ingredients: peanuts, salt, and sugar. Some have even more! Choose the brand with the fewest ingredients. If it tastes different than your normal brand, give it a chance – your taste buds will adjust.

Tip 3: Switch to cold brew

I actually don’t drink coffee, but a lot of people do. So, when I read this tip on My Fitness Pal I knew I had to share it with you all. Cold brew has a less-biting flavor than traditional coffees, so it is easier to drink without the extra milk, cream and sugars.

Tip 4: Make your own cocktails

If you are craving a sweet cocktail, make it yourself. This way you can control how much sugar you are putting in your body. This rule actually applies to all sweet things. If you are craving some cookies, your recipe will probably have less sugar than the stores’ option. If you take charge of how much sugar is in your treats, you will feel less guilty for eating them.

Tip 5: No more soda

Okay, I know I said it is best to gradually get rid of things from your diet. However, soda is the exception to that rule. Just don’t drink it. Drink water instead. You can buy some flavored or bubbly water if you want a comparable fizz.

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