Effective Tricks To Prevent Overeating

No matter how strong you are when it comes to cravings, eventually we all cave and have an afternoon of “Netflix and Binge.” If this happens once every few months, it is not a big deal. However, if it happens often, then it becomes a problem. Here are a few of my effective tricks to prevent overeating.

Trick 1: Reseal the bag

It can be hard to have will power with an open bag of pretzels lying around. Sure you can seal your bag up with a clip. However, paperclips are easily removable. Buy a bag sealer on Amazon. You won’t regret it. If you’re anything like me, you’re a lazy snacker. If I have to open and reseal a bag every time I want a handful of chips, I just won’t get the handful.

This ensures you are only snacking when you are really hungry and want to work for that snack. Unseal the bag, grab the appropriate serving size and then reseal every time!

Trick 2: Just wait

If you think you want a snack, wait for 60 seconds before you head to the pantry. You may change your mind or get distracted.

Trick 3: Have something of every flavor

Make sure all your favorite flavors are represented in the meals you eat (sweet, savory, salty, etc). When you have a little bit of everything with each of your meals, you won’t crave anything else.

Trick 4: Are you a moderator or an abstainer?

Some people can eat in moderation, and some cannot. I typically cannot. If there are food items I know I will binge on, they do not come inside my home. Know if you can be a moderator and eat in moderation or if you should abstain completely from certain foods. We all have trigger foods; some of us are just stronger than others.

Trick 5: Drink water

Before every meal and snack, drink a glass of water. You may think you’re hungry when, in fact, you’re just thirsty. Drinking a glass of water will reveal which you actually are.

Trick 6: Drink flavored BCAAs

Add Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to your water. These simple forms of protein will help you build and repair muscle. Also, they taste amazing when you buy them in different flavors. Often times drinking a sweet flavor of BCAAs will satisfy a sweet tooth.

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