8-Minute Lower Body HIIT #25DaysofMFit

Do you have 8-minutes to spare today? Sure you do! And you are going to spend it doing this quick and effective 8-minute lower body HIIT workout.

I always get frustrated when I hear people say they don’t have time to workout. Honestly, that excuse is the main reason I created the #25DaysofMFit. It is completely possible to get a workout done in under 15-minutes. And every one has 15-minutes of free time.

Today’s workout is only 8-minutes! I’ve posted other 8-minute workouts on the blog before, and they are all intense, but today’s HIIT is going to make your legs BURN!

I create a lot of low impact, knee friendly workout videos for MFit. The exercises in today’s workout are not low impact at all. If you have sensitive knees, this may not be a good workout for you. However, I have lots of other options for you on this website. Click HERE for a low impact HIIT (it is only 9-minutes)!

If you like this workout, please share it with your friends! That kind of thing really helps me out. Regardless, thanks for the support!

Try the 8-minute lower body HIIT workout!

20-seconds on / 10-seconds off (AA-BB-AA-BB)

1A. Heel Click
1B. Quick Feet

2A. Squat Burpee
2B. Low Lunge Tap

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