Total Body Dumbbell Circuit #25DaysofMFit

Happy Day 6 of the #25DaysofMFit

Today’s workout is going to work your whole body! We are nearly a week into this workout challenge, and the workouts will keep getting more difficult.

This total body workout is not only going to make your muscles burn, but it is going to keep your heart rate up for 15-minutes straight! Total body resistance training is one of the best ways to save time during a workout. And it is certainly a more effective weight loss strategy than working one body part at a time.

I’ve posted many total body workouts in the past, and you will notice a common trend in my total body routines is that I don’t just work all of the muscles within the workout, but each exercise activates a minimum of three muscle groups. So, while the workout tough, each movement within the workout is extremely challenging as well.

This workout will only take 15-minutes, but if you have time for a 30-minute workout today, hop over to the MFit Membership to see the bonus #25DaysofMFit video! There will be a new workout on both the MFit YouTube channel and the MFit Membership every single day during this challenge. I hope you are up for the challenge 🙂

Follow the workout instructions below!

Complete 2 sets of the following circuit:

– Squat Press (15 reps)
– Walk Down Push-up (10 reps)
– Narrow Squat Back Lunge (20 reps)
– Plank Rows (10 reps)
– Forearm Plank Retraction (10 reps)

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