The Fastest Workout Ever?!

Short on time? Need an energizing workout? Want to burn fat? I have the perfect, and possibly the fastest workout ever for you.

This routine will only take you 8-minutes to complete. That includes a full warm-up and cool down. Impossible you say? I will prove it is not. Fair warning though, this is going to kick your ass.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all the rage right now. Everyone from athletes to celebrities to your next door neighbor has either heard of it or tried it themselves.

The video below demonstrates my current take on HIIT. In my previous HIIT workouts, I have guided you through circuits of timed intervals. In today’s workout we will be counting reps and moving through circuits as quickly as possible without any rest. This isn’t necessarily better or worse than say the Tabata workouts I’ve done in the past, but it is fun and new.

Let me know what you think about this type of routine by commenting on the video! If you want to see more workouts from me, check out my home workout plans!

So, let’s try it! Follow along with the workout below!

Complete 3 sets of the following circuit. Do not rest between exercises. Rest 40 seconds between sets.

– Heel Click (10)
– Squat Jump (10)
– Push-up to Spiderman (10)

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