Bodyweight Booty Workout

I am very excited to share today’s new workout with you because it’s all about the booty. The best part? You do not need any equipment. This is a bodyweight booty workout.

I don’t give myself compliments that often, but I am going to now. I know how to structure a good glute workout.

An amazing looking bum isn’t the only benefit of a workout like this. Your glutes are some of your biggest muscles and they are located in the very center of your body. They affect how the rest of your muscles and joints work and feel.

Increasing strength in the glutes reduces pain and injury in other areas of your body. I prescribe this workout, or any of my other booty focused leg workouts, to my clients with bad knees and lower back pain. A strong back side will help balance out your body and keep you safe.

If shaping and strengthening your glutes is one of your main exercise goals, you should absolutely check out the 4-Week Peach Plan. That home workout plan will teach you how to properly engage your glutes to make your body look and feel better!

The workout below will show you how effective an MFit booty workout can be… even one that is 10-minutes long without equipment!

Try the bodyweight booty workout below!

Complete 1 set of all exercises:

1. Hip Opener Lunge
2. Down Dog Leg Lifts (10)
3. Plank Donkey Kicks (15)
4. Low Lunge Butt Kick (15)
5. Chair Pulses (10)
6. Single Leg Chair Pulse (10)
7. Side Squat (10)
8. Repeat 2-7 on other side
9. Squat Pulses (10)
10. Squat Double Heel Drop (20)
11. 180 Stomp Squat (3e)
12. Heel Clicks

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