Total Body Mini Band Workout For Fat Loss

Mini resistance bands are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment. You can use them for strength training, cardio and stretching. Today will we be doing a total body workout that will help you build muscle and burn fat.

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Follow the video or print the workout instructions below.

Complete the following circuit:

1. Side walk (10 reps)
2. Fast single leg reaches (20 reps each)
3. Single leg lifts (20 reps each)
4. Sumo squat (15 reps)
5. Sumo squat curl to press (15 reps)
6. Curl to press (10 reps)
7. Lat pull down (15 reps)
8. Tricep push (20 reps)
9. Sumo backward walk (20 reps)
10. Wall sit with abduction (50 reps)
11. Fast back lunge (15 reps each)
12. Pulsing deadlift (20 reps)
13. Kneeling single arm low to high wide row (20 reps each)
14. Kneeling single arm underhand row (20 reps each)
15. Kneeling wide row (15 reps)
16. Side step push-up (10 reps)
17. Bridge pulses with abduction (20 reps)
18. Bridge pulses constant contraction (20 reps)
19. Tabletop crunch (30 reps)
20. Bicycle crunch (20 reps)

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