Mini Band Back Workout

I personally love doing resistance band workout before a I lift or for an entire strength workout. Using these mini bands will allow you to engage your muscles in an entirely different way and often times I feel more muscle activation when I use the bands. So, if you are looking to work your muscles inĀ  a specific way, you have to start using these bands.

Print out the workout instructions or follow the video below.

Do 2 sets of the following circuit:

1. Lat pull down (15 reps)
2. Pull over (15 reps)
3. Single arm narrow row (15 reps each)

Do 2 sets of the following superset:

1. Bicep curl (20 reps)
2. Rotator cuff curl (20 reps)

Do 2 sets of the following superset:

1. Kneeling single arm low-high wide row (20 reps)
2. Kneeling single arm underhand row (15 reps)

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