How To Burn Fat In 15-Minutes

It is the season of New Year’s resolutions. Many people around the world have vowed that “this is the year…” People want to change their lifestyles, lose weight, eat healthier, and actually do those things this year.

However, in a sea of resolutions comes wave after wave of excuses. It is easy to make a resolution, but actually following through is where people get stuck. Over the course of the month, I am going to share tips on how to get past these excuses. I will post a new workout video every week that will help you get past a specific excuse.

Today we are conquering the “I don’t have time to workout” excuse. Today’s workout will only take you 15-minutes. So, set your alarm for 15-minutes earlier and get this done!

Follow along with the video or print the workout instructions below:

9-Minutes: Repeat the follow circuit for 3 sets doing 40 seconds work – 20 seconds rest.
1. Standing Oblique Crunch (x3) + Squat Jump
2. Rainbows
3. Step Jack Press

1-Minute of Rest

3-Minutes: Repeat the following exercise for 3 sets doing 20 seconds work – 40 seconds rest.
1. Burpee Shoulder Press

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