Effective Tricks To Prevent Overeating

No matter how strong you are when it comes to cravings, eventually we all cave and have an afternoon of Netflix and Binge. If this happens once every few months, it is not a big deal. But if it happens every week or more than… this is a problem. Here are a few of my effective and somewhat unusual ways to prevent overeating.

Reseal the bag

Paperclips are easily removable. It can be hard to have will power with an open bag of pretzels or popcorn. I recommend grabbing the proper portion size, which is probably smaller than you think, and then completely resealing the bag. Buy a bag re-sealer on Amazon. You won’t regret it. Having to reopen a bag feels like a lot more work than removing a paperclip, so grab a little bit and seal it back up!

Just wait

If you think you want a snack, just wait, for 30 seconds, before you head to the pantry. You may change your mind or get distracted.

Have something of every flavor

The reason you always have room for desert is because our bodies tend to crave something sweet at the end of the meal. So to avoid stuffing your face after already eating a large meal, make sure every flavor profile is represented in the meals you eat (sweet, savory, etc). When you have a little bit of everything with each of your meal, you won’t crave anything else.

Know if you are moderator or abstainer

Some people can eat in moderation, and some cannot. I cannot. If there are food items I know I will binge on, they do not come inside my home. Know if you can be a moderator and eat in moderation or if you should abstain completely. We all have trigger foods; some of us are just stronger than others.

Drink water

Before every meal and snack, drink a glass of water. This will allow you to see if you are really hungry or just thirsty. It can be hard to differentiate the two as thirst initially is felt as hunger.

Drink BCAAs

Add Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to your water. These simple forms of protein will help you build and repair muscle. Also, they taste amazing and you can buy them in different flavors. Often times drinking a sweet flavor of BCAAs will satisfy a sweet tooth. Also, drinking them means you are drinking a glass or more of water. And we all know, staying hydrated keeps you feeling full!

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