The Perfect At-Home Total Body Workout

I am calling this the perfect total body workout because I believe it is! This circuit workout will work every muscle from head to toe. It will also leave you feeling sweaty and tired like you just finished a cardio workout! The only equipment you need is a set of dumbbells and a mini band. The equipment, as always, is optional but highly encouraged if you wish to push your physical fitness.

Today’s workout is a circuit, which we will go through twice. Each exercise is pretty complex with both the arms and the legs working. To modify this workout, make the exercises more simple by removing an element (for example, we start with side step bicep curls, you can remove the step).

Take this workout with you anywhere! I personally will be doing this one during holiday travels later this year!

Follow along with me or print the workout below!

Repeat the circuit twice with little to no rest!
Mini Band is around your ankles for every exercise

1. Side Step Bicep Curl
2. Pulsing Squat Into Double Shoulder Press
3. Side Step Lateral Raise
4. Walk Down Plank Jack
5. Plank Steps
6. Stiff Leg Deadlift Into Upright Row
7. 4 Side Steps Into 4 Reaches Back

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