New Year’s Day Workout: Jump Start Your Resolutions

Happy New Year! I wanted to post this workout today to help you jump start your New Years Resolutions.  This workout is only 5-minutes, so you have no excuses! Try this workout this afternoon once you have recovered from last night and before you celebrate more!

Time is what you make it. Remember that this year! So often I have people tell me that they can’t workout because there is simply not enough time in the day. To those people I say, can you wake up 5-minutes earlier each day? Because that’s all it takes. Everyone has 5-minutes to spare each day. And if that’s all the time you have… you better make the most of it.

Try the video or follow the written workout down below!

Complete the following circuit once for a 5-minute total body workout:

1. Side to side squats (25-seconds)
2. Rainbows (25-seconds)
3. Rest (10-seconds)
4. Push-ups (25-seconds)
5. Burpees (25-seconds)
6. Rest (10-seconds)
7. Squat pulses (25-seconds)
8. Squat jumps (25-seconds)
9. Rest (10-seconds)
10. Oil rig into back lunge, right leg (25-seconds)
11.  Back lunge hop, right leg (25-seconds)
12. Rest (10-seconds)
13. Oil rig into back lunge, left leg (25-seconds)
14. Back lunge hop, left leg (25-seconds)


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