Beginners Guide To Working Out

Happy New Year! We have officially made it to 2020. What is your New Year’s Resolution? If your resolution is to start exercising, I want to help. Here is my beginners guide to working out!

If you are planning to start a new health program in 2020, I highly encourage you to check out one of my MFit home workout plans. There is a workout plan for everyone here at MFit. Some of these plans will help you lose weight, while others focus on muscle building and core work. I act as your virtual trainer in each of these workout programs. Just log on, press play and start your daily workout.

If one of my advanced workout plans is too much for you right now, I have a new program made for beginners!

The 8-Week Beginner’s Plan is now for sale on my website! I created this program for people who are new to exercise, getting back into fitness after a long break, just had a baby, want to fix their exercise form, and those who just want slower workouts.

All of the workouts in the Beginners Plan are roughly 30-minutes long. Each workout can be done at home and with hardly any equipment. The program comes with a bunch of follow along workout videos as well as videos on topics such as: how to engage your core and how to breath while exercising. This is a unique beginner’s workout program because the workouts will get increasingly more challenging as you progress through the weeks. This ensures you are being pushed from day 1 to day 56. For more information on the 8-Week Beginners Plan, click HERE!

In celebration of the Beginner’s Plan launch, I am giving all of you new exercisers some “getting started” tips. Obviously when you sign up for the 8-week plan, I will give you many more tips… but I hope you find these tips helpful!

no more knee pain

1. Start NOW

Don’t tell me you’ll start next month – start your new program today, or better yet, right now! You’ve decided you want to get fit, and that is exciting. Don’t let that excitement fade by waiting a month, a week or even one day.  Make a plan and start now.

2. Ask yourself WHY

Make specific goals for yourself. The more specific you can make these goals the better. Now you need to ask yourself why you want to achieve each goal. If you don’t know why you are working out, you probably won’t stick to it when times get tough. You want to lose weight. Okay, why? Are you trying to start dating again and want to feel more confident? Are you worried about your health? Do you want to be a good role model for your children? Know why you want what you want. Knowing your “why” may be the difference between success and failure.

3. Proper FORM is important

If you don’t know how to do a certain exercise, you need to find out. Hire a trainer or simply do your research. Doing an exercise with incorrect form puts you at risk for injury and makes your workout less effective. If you goal is to have a nice butt, you better know how to squat correctly! The 8-Week Beginner’s Plan will teach you how to do all MFit exercises properly.

4. Have a PLAN

Having a plan will make you feel more confident and keep you from wasting time. If you plan to workout at a gym, you need to walk into the gym knowing what muscles you plan to work and what exercises you want to do. Without a plan you likely won’t work as hard and will spend a lot of time walking around trying to decide what to do.

5. You need to STRETCH

Stretching is both the most important and most skipped part of a workout. To ensure your body is moving properly and your muscles are healthy, you need to stretch every single day. If you experience knee pain, lower back aches, neck pain, or basically pain anywhere, stretching will help. Check out my FREE 30-Day Stretch Challenge for some follow along stretch routines.

6. WHEN to workout

The best time of day to workout is… whenever you can fit it in! It really doesn’t matter when you workout, just as long as you do. The ideal time to workout is different for everyone. The only thing I recommend is that you plan ahead. Don’t leave your workout time up in the air. Make a plan so you can stick to it.

7. Keep a JOURNAL

One of the best ways to stay on track is to journal. Track your workouts and food intake everyday. List absolutely everything you do and eat, and then at the end of the day take notes on how you feel. If you feel great, awesome! You should continue to do what you did that day. If you feel bad, look at what you ate and did and change that for the next day.

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