Mini Band Butt & Gut Workout

It is summertime, and I hope you are enjoy the sunny weather. Summer is a time for vacations, parties, and celebration. I know you are on the go and want to look good. So, here is a quick butt & gut workout that you can do anywhere!

I have been posting a lot of core workouts this month over on the MFit YouTube challenge. I am also doing a 30 Day Ab Challenge on my website. So, if getting a flat stomach is one of your fitness goals, I got you!

The workout below is not only going to work your abdominal muscles, but it’ll make your booty burn too. This “butts & guts” workout structure is something I created for the 4-Week Slim Down. So if you have done that 28-day plan, you know how effective these routines are.

Today we will use a mini resistance band to train the core and booty muscles. If you do not have a mini band, you can do the exercises without one. However, you will feel your muscles SO much more if you use a band. I have added my favorite bands to the MFit Amazon Store if you want to pick up a set.

Try the butt & gut workout below:

Wide Side to Side Step (20 reps)
Single Leg Side Reach (20 reps)
Wide Side to Side Step (20 reps)
Other Leg Side Reach (20 reps)
Turn out / Turn in squat (20 reps)
Reaches (20 reps)
Lateral Hops (20 reps)
Wide Knee Lemon Squeezer (30 reps)
Tabletop Hold (30 seconds)
Tabletop Leg Push (20 reps)
Kneeling “Cable” Rotation (15 reps each)

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