Yoga Block Workout Video

It is Tuesday, which means… another new MFit workout! Ever since I made my first yoga block workout video, I’ve been getting requests to make another. Well, the wait is over. Here is part two!

A couple years ago on the MFit YouTube channel, I posted a total body yoga block workout. I had never created one before, so I was surprised to find how popular it became!  The other week I didn’t feel like going to the gym, so I decided to do that old workout. And it kicked my ass. Now I realize why so many of you have asked for a part two!

If you do not have a yoga block, you can actually do most of the exercises in this video without it. In fact if you are new to exercise, I would recommend that for you. There are many advanced exercises in this routine, so your first couple times through it may be best do the movements without a block.

I have put the block I am using in this video in the MFit Amazon Store. When you feel ready to use a block, feel free to purchase one there!

Side note before we get into the workout… There is a 30 Day Ab Challenge happening on my website RIGHT NOW. It is free and a lot of fun, so go sign up!

Try the yoga block workout video below:

Go through the following circuit, no rest between exercises:

1. Balance (right)
2. Side Squat (right)
3. Back Lunge (right)
4. Repeat 1-3 on left leg
5. Back lunge – Side Squat
6. CPR Pulses
7. Squeezing Tricep Extension
8. Elbow Pulses
9. Elbow Clap
10. Unstable Plank
11. Bulgarin Lunge
12. Half Commando Plank
13. Dead Bug
14. Single Leg Dead Bug
15. Single Leg Elevated Bridge
16. Inner Thigh Bridge

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