30 Day Ab Challenge

The Bikini Bootcamp Challenge is over… And over the past two months we have been focusing so much on total body strength and fat burning cardio that I thought it was time to switch things up.

Today is Day 1 of the 30 Day Ab Challenge. That’s right, we just finished one challenge and it is time to start another! This challenge is all about the abs. I have made a little exercise calendar for the month of July, and each day we are going to do 100 reps of the assigned exercise. Check out the video below to do Day 1 (100 crunches) with me.

Sign up for this FREE challenge by clicking HERE, or if you already have an MFit username and password, start the challenge by clicking HERE.

By signing up for the challenge on my website, you will also get my tips on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat to lose weight and see your abs! If you want to see your ab muscles (which are going to get so strong this month) then you need to eat clean to get rid of any excess fat covering your stomach. These tips will help you.

I will be recording myself doing the 100 reps everyday and posting my videos on Instagram. So, make sure you are following @itsmollyrae on Instagram to see me struggle through this challenge. I will also be sharing modifications and form tips on my Instagram. So seriously, follow me over there if you plan on doing this challenge!

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