Molly McNamee | Apartment Booty Workout
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Apartment Booty Workout

The final workout video of the #CheekyChallenge is here! Have you done the previous workouts? Have you been checking in with my daily booty-building tips on Instagram? Make sure you check all those things out!

Today’s workout, along with the other three #CheekyChallenge videos, is a little taste of the kinds of workouts you will see if you join the MFit Peach Plan. The 4-week program will help you learn how to activate your glute muscles to maximize your results. If you suffer from knee pain, you should consider signing up, as the tips I will give you during the Peach Plan will help you greatly!

The more I work one-on-one with clients, the more I realize most knee pain is muscle related. If you strengthen your booty and core, as well as stretch out your quads and calves, most of your pain will go away. If you have tight thighs, I recommend doing this stretch before completing the workout below.

For today’s workout, I want you to grab a heavy mini resistance band and a heavy weight. If you don’t have workout equipment, feel free to shop at the MFit Amazon Store or substitute the fancy stuff for some household objects!

Try the workout below!

Do 2 sets of the following superset:

– Seated Band Abduction (30 reps)
– Set Down Squat into pulses (10 reps, 10 pulses)

Do 1 set on each leg:

– Wide Lunges (15 reps)
– Donkey Kicks (20 reps)

Do 1 set of the following superset:

– Weighted Bridge (20 reps)
– Bridge Abduction (30 reps)