Booty-Building Mini Band Workout

I am excited to announce that the next MFit YouTube challenge is.. the #CheekyChallenge. Throughout the month of February, I will be posting some amazing glute workouts. We are kicking things off with a booty-building mini band workout.

Men, this challenge is for you too! Some of you may want to shape your booty (which I fully support). However, I am aware that a lot men do not care about how their butt looks.

A good-looking butt is not the only reason to train your backside. Training the glutes will help prevent lower back pain, reduce or eliminate knee pain, and strengthen the entire leg. These are some pretty important things.

Today’s workout is a mini band workout. If you are training at home, mini bands are the way to go. If you do not have mini bands, you can get some in the MFit Amazon store!

Try the booty-building mini band workout below!

Do 2 sets of the following circuit:

1. Single Side Step (15 reps)
2. Side to Side Squat (20 reps)
3. Tension Squat (15 reps)
4. Wide Lunge (10 reps each)

Do 1 set of each exercise:

– Narrow Lunge Kickback (15 reps each)
– Backward Squat Walk into Wide Walking Lunges (5 laps)
– Clam Shell (30 reps each)

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