Healthy Reasons Your Weight Is Fluctuating

Some days the scale is your friend, and other days it is not. As someone whose weight fluctuates daily, I know this can be frustrating. But why does it happen? Let’s talk about healthy reasons your weight is fluctuating.

You strength trained yesterday

Working out is good for your body. In the long term, having more muscle will help you lose weight. After a workout, your muscles swell and your body holds onto water. This is all a healthy part of the recovery process, but it does mean your weight will be higher after a workout. So, don’t be frustrated if you find you weigh more the morning after a MFit workout.

reasons your weight is fluctuating

Drinking and not drinking water

Drinking just two cups of water can make your weight go up slightly. On the other hand, not drinking water can make you bloated and weigh more too. When all is said and done, drink plenty of water. It may confuse the scale from time to time, but in general it will keep your weight down.

You’re about to start your period

Ladies… hormones happen. Unfortunately, hormone-related weight fluctuations can occur the week before, week after, and week of your period. The best way to combat this is to eat normally and drink water to prevent bloating.

It’s the weekend or you’re on vacation

Your body will react to anything outside its normal routine. Even if you eat healthy when you’re off work, your sleep, activity, and mood are probably different. All of three of those things affect your weight. If you gain weight on vacation, that’s okay. If that weight gain is due to an uncontrollable factor, don’t worry about. However, if the weight gain is due to lack of exercise and poor diet, still don’t worry about. Fitness is a lifestyle, which means it is okay to take breaks.

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