Leg Workout For Healthy Knees #25DaysofMFit

Happy Day 4 of the #25DaysofMFit. If you have been following the workout challenge, I hope you have enjoyed the workouts so far. Today I have a leg workout for healthy knees to share with you.

This leg workout is going to help you strengthen the muscles around your knees. If you have knee pain, add this workout to your workout playlist!

I have made many knee-friendly workouts in the past. But this video will specifically show you some exercises that can help fix lower body muscle imbalances that lead to aches and pains in the knee cap.

Earlier this year, I created an entire home workout program devoted to eliminating knee pain by strengthening the glutes. Check out the MFit 4-Week Peach Plan if joint pain is something you struggle with!

The workout below isn’t just great for strengthening the legs, but it’s fast-paced nature will also help you burn some calories! This workout may be short, but it’ll help you achieve a lot!

Follow the leg workout for healthy knees below.

Do 2 sets of the following superset:

– Wide Walking Lunges (16 reps)
– 1.5 Sumo Squat (15 reps)

Do 2 sets of the following superset:

– Narrow Squat (15 reps)
– Single Leg Deadlift (10 reps each)

Do 1 set of each exercise:

– Plank Leg Lifts (20 reps)
– Side Leg Lift (30 reps each)
– Wave Side Leg Lift (15 reps each)
– Weighted Bridge Pulse (20 reps)
– Inner Thigh Bridge Pulse (20 reps)

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