14-Minute Apartment Friendly Steady State Cardio #25DaysofMFit

Welcome back to the #25DaysofMFit. Day 8 is going to be a sweaty cardio routine that you all are going to LOVE.  Today we will be doing a 14-minute steady state cardio routine. Steady State cardio should feel different than your HIIT routines. During steady state cardio, your goal is to get your heart rate up to a level where you are breathing heavy and you are only able to talk in short sentences. During HIIT, your goal is to be completely out of breath and barely able to speak a few words. HIIT workouts are much shorter than steady state cardio routines and include much more rest. Depending on your goals, I recommend doing 1-2 HIIT workouts a week and filling the rest of your days with steady state cardio and strength training.

Steady state cardio is so good for you… it burns calories, helps you shed fat, keeps your heart healthy, and doesn’t put as much stress on the body as a HIIT workout. But it can be quite boring to move on an elliptical, bike, or treadmill for an extended period of time. This workout will take the boring out of steady state cardio! Try it out and share with your friends using the hashtag #25DaysofMFit

Follow along with the video below or print out the workout instructions:

Do 1-minute of each exercise, no rest.

1. Tap Overhead Reach
2. Bob & Weave
3. Knee Side Kick, right
4. Cross Body Punches
5. Knee Side Kick, left
6. Forward – Backward Quick Steps
7. Rainbows
8. Overhead March
9. Overhead Kick
10. Front Kick – Back Kick
11. Twisting Knee Pulls
12. Forward – Backward Quick Steps with Speedbag
13. Bob & Weave & Punch
14. Walk Down Reach

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