20-Minute Low Impact Tabata Workout

Do you want all of the benefits of HIIT without the jumping? Well… your wish is my command. Today’s workout is a killer 20-minute Tabata style HIIT workout. The best part is that is entirely low impact. All of these exercises will challenge your cardio without taking a toll on your joints.

If you live in an apartment building or have some ailment preventing you from performing jumping movements, this workout is perfect for you. I personally love doing low impact workouts. It is good to switch up your routine, and as you will see today, low impact cardio can still be very challenge.

Follow the written instructions below or do the workout with me using the video:

Each Tabata is 4-minutes of 20-seconds on 10-seconds off.
Perform each Tabata as follows: A-A-B-B-A-A-B-B
Take 1-minute rest between each Tabata.

Tabata #1
A – Tap Back Knee
B – Squat and Press

Tabata #2
A – Half Rainbow Side Kick (two rounds on right, two rounds on left)
B – Weighted Standing Mountain Climbers

Tabata #3
A – Reach and Punch
B – Front Kick Press

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