Fast-Slow Ab Workout #25DaysofMFit

We are moving on to Day 19 of the #25DaysofMFit!

Today I have your final ab workout for this fitness challenge! Don’t worry, you will still work your abs in the other workouts. But this is the final abs only workout. That must mean this challenge is coming to an end soon.

We have less than one week left of the #25DaysofMFit and I want you to think about how you want to end this challenge. Do you want to phone it in and half-ass the rest of the workouts because “it’s holiday party season and I am over this” — I hope that is not your mind set right now. I want you all to be working hard until that final day. You have completed 18 workouts so far, so don’t quit now! Make these past couple weeks worth it. Finish strong!

I love today’s ab workout. This video blends the fast, dynamic ab exercises with some slow and controlled core burners! Alternating between fast and slow ab exercises means you can challenge your muscles in a whole new way. You will be challenging those deep core muscles that force your body to stabilize as well as those bigger muscles that you see when you are doing your ab checks after each workout.

Feel free to print the workout below and do it on your own:

Sit-ups (10 reps) + Sit-up punches (10 reps)

Do the following supersets 2x each:

1. X-squeezers (10 reps) + Hallow hold heel clicks (20 reps)
2. Slow twisted climbers (10 reps) + Twisted climber kick throughs (10 reps)
3. Slow bicycle crunches (15 reps) + Fast bicycle crunches (15 reps)
4. Plank jacks (20 reps) + Wide stance commando planks (6 reps)
5. Mountain climbers (10 reps) + Tick tock (10 reps, first round right leg – second round left leg)

Crunches while changing legs: 15 reps each leg position
1. Regular
2. Table top position
3. Legs up in the air
4. L-crunch, right then left

Break dancer plank (10 reps) + 30-second plank hold

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