Yoga Sculpt Routine #25DaysofMFit

It is Day 8 of the #25DaysofMFit and I am sure your body is feeling a little sore… I know mine is.

Today we are going to take a little bit more time to stretch the body with a yoga sculpt routine. This will be a yoga flow that blends deep yoga stretches with the muscle toning effects of weight lifting.

You have the option of using dumbbells during this video. If you use weights, your muscles will feel toned and stretched after you are finished. However, if you do not use weights you will still feel really good. Making this more of a sculpt routine will increase the difficulty and calorie burn if those are two things you are interested in.

Choose what is right for you today. As I said before, you may be too sore to add those weights. Please listen to your body.

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