Molly McNamee | Squats : 101
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Squats : 101

Today I thought I would break down the squat for you. Squats are one exercise that can do wonders for you legs, butt, and core – but if you do them wrong, you could really mess up your body. Squats done with incorrect form can potentially hurt your knees, ankles, back, shoulders, neck … really everywhere. That is why it is so important to know the correct way to do a squat.

This video will break down squats and show you what to avoid when doing your squats, as well as how to fix the problems you may be having.  I will also show you LOTS of squat variations for those of you that want something more or less challenging. This video is perfect for people of every fitness level.

Let me know what exercise you want me to break down next! Good luck 🙂