Molly McNamee | Beginner Cardio Routine
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Beginner Cardio Routine

I am back with another beginner-friendly workout video! This is going to be the last beginner workout I post on the MFit YouTube channel for a while, but you can always join the 8-Week Beginner’s Program for more workouts! That two month program is perfect for those just starting their fitness journey or getting back into exercise after some time off.

Today’s workout focuses on cardio. Regardless of your fitness goals, it is healthy to incorporate a bit of cardio into your daily routine!

I am going to start a 29-day cardio challenge on February 1st, and I would love for you to join me! The challenge is pretty simple, we are going to do 1-minute of cardio everyday in February. A lot of the exercises in this challenge are beginner friendly, however, some are not. Not to worry though, I will be posting low-impact modifications on my Instagram for those exercises that are more advanced. Join the challenge and get your heart pumping with me! You can sign up for the free challenge HERE!

The workout below is beginner friendly and 100% low impact. So, if jumping bothers your joints (or your neighbors), you can feel comfortable doing this workout.

Try the workout below:

Do the following circuit 2x.
30 seconds on – 10 seconds off:

Tap & Overhead Reach
Tap & Cross Body Reach
Butt Kick Row
Knee Pull
Side Shuffle